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Fans DAO

A Tool Connects Brands & Fans
Fans DAO is a community tool that connects brands with their fans. It helps them manage their content ecosystem more effectively and encourages fan participation through innovative incentive mechanisms. Ultimately, Fans DAO enable fans and brands collaborate and share value together.

Fans DAO Token Launchpad

If a certified channel agrees in advance to initiate the Fans DAO community, ShineX will assist the channel in issuing its exclusive Fans DAO Token upon meeting the preset conditions. Community members can convert their accumulated social scores in the channel into the brand's Fans DAO Token on a pro-rata basis.

Benefits of Holding Fans DAO Token

Fans DAO Token is backed by the brand, and its value depends on the benefits provided by the brand to the Token holders. The benefits of Fans DAO Token include, but are not limited to: profit sharing from user attention value, exchanging for brand services,