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A hub for Brands and Fans
To create a channel, please kindly contact the ShineX Team via Discord. Channels can be set up for brands and KOLs to enable cross-platform content aggregation, token incentives, data analysis, and more.
ShineX will set up an incentive pool contract for each channel. Once the brand and users donate tokens to the channel, no one can access these funds except users who have been authenticated through the “Proof of Social” consensus and have received social scores.
X-Hunters and X-Creators can selectively promote or create fanworks for certain brands based on the channel's incentive pool and the amount of rewards to achieve higher returns.

Token Incentive Exchange

Tokens in a incentive pool can be exchanged with social scores based on a fixed exchange rate. The exchange rate is set by the channel Admin. When all tokens in the prize pool have been claimed, the remaining social points can only be exchanged when new token incentives are added to the incentive pool.
At present, the universal incentive token for channesl is testnet $MATIC. In the future, adjustment will be made according to the progresses.

Certified Channels

Certified channels are managed by the official brand. To become a certified channel, you need to deeply cooperate with ShineX and meet certain criteria. Please contact the ShineX Team for the channel certification.