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Anti-Cheating System

Maximizing the Incentives for True Fans

Daily Engagement Limit

ShineX implements a daily engagement limit to prevent meaningless score farming behavior. To maximize incentives, you should choose to participate in channels with more incentives and engage with high-quality content.
Using bots or engaging randomly will significantly reduce your final scores, so please don't do this for incentives.

Channel Wallet Verification

To ensure compliance with brand requirements, we provide channel admins with wallet verification to exclude any malicious addresses or selectively distribute incentives to holders of specific Tokens.

ShineX DAO Arbitration

It's difficult to completely avoid malicious score farming. In view of this, we will provide channel administrators with the right to report.
ShineX DAO will review and vote on the reports. Once it is determined that a user has engaged in malicious behavior to acquire social points, we will take appropriate measures to punish them.
Punishments can be executed by deducting corresponding social points or permanently banning access to social points, etc., to ensure fair incentive allocation.