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The Problem

The landscape of Web3 branding and creator economy remains chaotic and disorganized. A lack of effective growth strategies, coupled with conflicts between brands and users, has stifled the potential of numerous emerging brands.

Insufficient Growth Strategies

Throughout their development, Web3 brands and IPs struggle to effectively attract users. Centralized content production do not provide any advantage for Web3 projects and users. Consequently, Web3 startups face a lack of users, attention, and content.

Challenges in long-term Brand Building

The most common methods for growing and building Web3 products and brands involve ICOs, IDOs, and INOs. By issuing Tokens or NFTs, communities are formed.
However, the communities gathered by IXOs are primarily composed of short-term speculators who contribute little to the long-term growth of the brand and project. Rug pulls are also frequent occurrences after project fundraising. Aligning the interests of both parties proves challenging.

Attention Monopoly

In Web2 content platforms, users' attention is manipulated by algorithms. The vast majority of the value derived from users' attention is captured by the platforms themselves. Content creators do not receive benefits that correspond to the value of their fans' attention. Users are unable to defend the value of their own attention.