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Key Features

Proof of Social

Content capture is based on browser extensions, allowing for the algorithmic quantification of social contributions and the allocation of social scores (ShineX scores). Additionally, targeted anti-cheat mechanisms are implemented to ensure the system's integrity and fairness.

Dual Incentives

Through ShineX, users accumulate social scores for different brands while simultaneously contributing to the growth of the ShineX ecosystem. Users not only earn rewards from the brand but also earn $Shine tokens from ShineX.


Users' social engagements and contents are stored on-chain, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.

Community-Driven Governance

ShineX will implement the ShineX DAO and Fans DAO governance models. Both ShineX DAO and Fans DAO ensure that brands develop in the direction that best serves users.
ShineX DAO allows community members to propose and vote on treasury fund allocations. These funds support the ShineX ecosystem and incubate new Web3 brands.
Fans DAO is a brand community built on Fans DAO Token. Fans DAO Tokens are endorsed by the brand and issued by ShineX Launchpad. Token allocation is based on the “Proof of Social” consensus, which depends on the user's contribution to the brand (i.e., social points).