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Lightweight Incentive Layer

ShineX is a incentive layer built on top of existing social media platforms, offering incentives based on the “Proof of Social” consensus. Users do not need to publish content on ShineX; by installing the plugin, they can seamlessly experience “Proof of Social” on existing content platforms.


The incentive layer concept and Google extension enable ShineX to be compatible with most content platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Long-Term Incentives

In contrast to short-term campaigns and curation platforms, ShineX encourages users to engage in long-term brand building and promotion. Sustained participation in brand building and promotion, as well as making meaningful contributions, leads to greater benefits.

Content Ecosystem Building

ShineX’s incentive layer goes beyond paying for engagements. The incentives attract creative and talented creators to engage in the decentralized content production process, contributing numerous high-quality works to the brand’s content ecosystem.