ShineX features

This section will introduce the important elements to understand the ShineX ecosystem, and the features of the ShineX website, browser extension, and smart contract.


The official website of ShineX is Please be cautious when clicking on links if they come from unfamiliar sources.


The activity tab lists all your history engagements on other social media platforms. The data is categorized per channel. Users can also check their recent activities as X-hunter and X-creator, respectively.


The profile tab presents your web2 and web3 identity.

  • Web2: The web2 part is basically the same as your Twitter profile page once you connect your ShineX account with your Twitter account. Users are also able to customize their profile page on the ShineX website.
  • Web3: The web3 part is still being developed. We will add new features soon.


Users can connect the ShineX account to their web2 social media accounts and ETH wallets under the โ€˜connectโ€™ tab.

  • Web2: Verify your Twitter account as an X-creator allows us to confirm that you are the owner of content on social platforms. Hence, we could quantify your contribution, and allocate token rewards to you accordingly.

    โ— Verification as an X-Creator is not a prerequisite for Like2Earn. But you must have been verified to claim tokens for your tweets.

  • Web3: Users could connect their ShineX account to multiple ETH wallet addresses. Connecting your ETH wallet to our website means granting us the authority to check the assets under your addresses. We will calculate the rewards that should be given to you based on the assets in your wallets.

    โ— Users must select one wallet as a primary wallet. The token claimed will be sent to the primary wallet. Otherwise, you cannot receive Like2Earn rewards.


The Channel list collects and displays various IP and copyright-related content. Content related to the same IP or copyright will be compiled in a channel. Channels do not have a time limit and can be kept permanently once they are created.


Events are promotional campaigns with a fixed period. Brands can create events to promote a specific topic related to an IP for a short period.

๐Ÿ’ก Creating channels and events is currently not available for users. Please kindly contact our team members if you would like to create a channel for your IP.


Material incentives are important to continually promote creatorsโ€™ creativity. The token rewards of the ShineX ecosystem are mainly from IP owners who would like to encourage high-quality content creation. In addition to official rewards, users are also allowed to donate tokens to their favorite IP channel.

TVL, Claimed & Score

  • TVL stands for total value locked. TVL is the total number of tokens that are currently stored in this channel .
  • Claimed: Total number of tokens that are claimed from a channel.
  • Score: Total number of scores generated from a channel.


X-Hunter is the term for content promoters and disseminators who installed the ShineX browser extension.


X-Creator is the term for content creators whose tweets are liked by X-Hunters and captured by the ShineX extension.


Hunt stands for the number of engagements captured for a channel.


Create stands for the number of content creation actions, including tweeting, publishing videos on YouTube, and so on.


ShineX's hashtag is similar to Twitter's Hashtag. Hashtags can help us determine which channel or event the content belongs to.


If a user holds an asset (NFT or crypto) that is specified in the contract attribute, he/she will be granted more rewards than a normal user.


Contributors are usually the official accounts of an IP. They are not considered when calculating token allocations. While all tweets posted by contributors can be captured and categorized into the respective channel (Hashtags are not required). Contributors also have the right to edit channel settings.


Admins have the highest control of a channel. Admins can edit the name and description of a channel. Additionally, they are allowed to manage hashtags, contributors, and smart contracts for verification purposes.


Users are allowed to claim their rewards by clicking the โ€˜Claimโ€™ button. Token rewards will be transferred to your primary wallet address.


ShineX browser extension captures your engagements on social media and records your activity on-chain. Unfortunately, we only support google chrome at this stage. We will develop plugins for other browsers in the future.

The extension can be downloaded hereopen in new window.


The appearance of the ShineX browser extension is shown below.

The appearance of ShineX extension.

The appearance of ShineX extension.


  • Notification: By turning on this setting, you consent to us pushing notifications to you when you engage on other social media platforms.
  • Earn social token: By turning on this function, you agree that we collect information about your engagements on social media platforms and calculate your contributions afterward for reward allocation. (We strongly recommend that you keep this setting on to participate in the Like2Earn system.)

Record panel

All of your engagements on social media are recorded and listed here. The status of each engagement is shown.

  • Green: your engagement or activity is properly recorded.


  • Orange: your engagement or activity is under processing. You have to wait until the block is confirmed.


  • Red: your engagement or activity is not recorded. This might be due to several reasons:

    • donโ€™t have NFT: you are not eligible to claim the token rewards, because you are not the NFT holder of that IP.
    • Channel not found: Corresponding IP channel is not created yet.




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