Process Flow

The Like2Earn system was not built to create another Ponzi. ShineX is exploring the possibility of collaboration with many brands and web3 communities. We will sign commercial contracts with brands and communities that are willing to work with us for content marketing. โ€˜Like2Earnโ€™ is performed according to the following flow scheme.

Process Flow

Our partner brands and communities provide the funds for content marketing and keeping Like2Earn running. ShineX creates channels for partner brands and communities on our website. We also help them to attract creators to publish high-quality content and incentivize โ€˜huntersโ€™ to promote the generated content through our unique Like2Earn system.

Creators and hunters are eligible to claim token rewards. 95% of the content marketing budget is allocated to creators and hunters according to their contributions. The calculation of the contribution is detailed in the โ€˜Reward allocation systemโ€™ section.

ShineX takes 5% of the total content marketing budget as a commission fee. The commission will be used for platform operation and product development.

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